Time to Put Solar Panels on Your Roof

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The microFIT program was enacted in the province by the Ontario government in 2009 and serves to provide citizens with a financial bonus for using renewable sources of energy. Thousands of Ontarians are already benefiting from the program which aims to create a cleaner environment for all of us to take advantage of.

Consider selling the clean energy you capture for a fair return – this is the concept behind microFIT. Homeowners that develop small renewable electricity generation projects (10 kW or less) on their property will be paid a guaranteed price over a 20 year term. The energy produced will be plugged into the province's electricity grid.

How it Works is Simple

After you have your Bilgen Power Corp. solar panels installed on your property, these panels will convert the energy from the sun into a Direct Current (DC) which is in turn converted into Alternate Current (AC). The AC is then directed into a utility meter which will measure the volume of electricity generated before sending it off to the grid. This effectively puts you in the business of selling electricity and because it's from a clean source of it, the province is willing to pay a premium rate for it.

If you are a homeowner, a farmer, or a small business owner, you have an opportunity through the microFIT program to give back to the community as a clean source of energy in Ontario. In order to get started following the installation of your renewable energy technology, the steps are simple. Just submit your application to get started with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and then you'll be presented with a contract to sign. Get money in your pocket every month from the OPA for your contribution.

38.6 cents per kWh is the average rate given from OPA which translates to a generous income for a homeowner. With the experts at Bilgen Power Corp., we can maximize your earning potential by choosing an area of your home where the most energy can be captured. The power purchase agreement that OPA offers spans a minimum of twenty years set at a comfortable rate

microFIT is ultimately a way for the consumer to make a bit of extra money while doing something good for their local community and province. It's a common thing for the subject of solar panels to come up as a want but not necessarily a need. The common argument against them is that the technology isn't there or that they are too expensive. The truth is that they are more affordable now than they've ever been and the Ontario government is encouraging more people to use them for a reason. Take the initiative and set yourself up with the extra source of income via microFIT.

How Solar System Works